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West Bay Boats is located in the Down East coastal town of Steuben, Maine - east of Mt. Desert Island, right in the hub of Maine boat building, (where the 'real' Down East begins).

Passionate about our heritage, West Bay Boats is a family run business, and we are now training members of the fourth generation. We are proud to be carrying on the tradition of boat building, an industry that was established in the Down East Maine area many years ago.

The company was started by owner Paul West, together with his son Vaughn. Paul had previously apprenticed under Henry Hinckley and mastered both the art of wooden- boat construction and the science of modern high-tech composites. They began with little more than a few power tools, skills acquired through a background in carpentry and a shared desire. Soon thereafter, Paul's two daughters joined the workforce and a family boat building business was established.

The father and son team built their first boat in 1985, a 31' designed after a classic down east lobster boat. The semi-displacement hull (with keel & skeg) has proven to be very seaworthy. This design provides stability of the boat and also protection for the running gear. Additionally, its soft chine allows for a comfortable, smooth and quiet ride. The underbody is designed to allow for a soft entry at the bow, thereby dispersing the agitated water laterally ahead of the propeller, thus leaving a clean path of water to the prop. This translates to less cavitation of the wheel, more horse power (thus more speed), and also fuel efficiency.

It is our goal to create the power yacht which you desire, equipped to your specifications and crafted according to the industry's highest standards.  Each boat is constructed with skill, integrity, and an eye for detail.  Hulls and decks are laminated using stitched fabrics, vinyl ester resins and are constructed with either a balsa or a foam core.  Infusion molding (a new technique using vacuum bagging, replacing the hand lay-up method) is now also being incorporated into our production process.

We highly recommend the "Evolution Shaft System", as this system greatly enhances the quietness, fuel efficiency and speed of these boats.  The 'Evolution', a one piece sealed shaft system replaces the traditional cutlass bearing and stuffing box.  This system allows for the thrust to be transferred to the hull rather than onto the engine, thereby maximizing the overall performance of the boat.

Recently, we added a new model - WB37'.  The West Bay 37, like the WB31' is a traditional built-down semi-displacement hull.  It was designed by Spencer Lincoln, a well known marine architect.  Further refinements, to West Bay specifications, were made in the offices of C.W. Paine Yacht Design by Mark Fitzgerald who is now operating under Fitzgerald
Marine Architecture in Camden, Maine.

Both models were architecturally designed to replicate the early commercial vessels.  We know that like the "old-time" fisherman, boat owners today depend on their vessel to perform well for them in all types of seas.  In fact, owner John Savage is one who will testify to the stability of the West Bay 31.  John charters a 6-pack and reports that when he is heading out with sports fishermen aboard his West Bay 31, he often meets other boats returning to harbor due to the rough sea conditions.

More recently the owners of West Wing sailed their West Bay 31' from Florida back to it's home port in RI.  Here is an excerpt from their letter to us:

"Interesting that your inquiries have concerns about
on-board space.  You'll be interested to know that we
have two kayaks on board this year, and two full sized
(collapsible) bikes, plus our clothes, food and beverages,
cushions, chairs, inflatable mattresses for guests, etc. 
We live on the WW for 4 months, and we're going back to
do it again.  As boats go, she's very spacious the way you
built her for us.  And with all the dishes, pots, and pans
and serving dishes, I could easily make dinner for 8 on-board.

I can't image what the stability concerns are, but if you get any
more info let us know.  We've been in some amazing weather
with WW, and although it wasn't fun the boat handled it well".

We are confident that taking a ride on one of our West Bay Boats and experiencing for yourself the quietness, smoothness, and stability that owners of our boats are enjoying will cause you to become excited with the performance of our West Bay Boats!


Meet the Family & Crew - 3 Generations Represented

Note of interest: "If you are visiting the Bar Harbor/Ellsworth area, our shop is just minutes away - we welcome visitors"

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